The Seller and the Buyer agree to subject this Sale to the following terms and conditions, which the Buyer expressly declares to have understood and accepted, including with regard to the obligations described inart. 5, the extension of the forum contained in Article 7 and the election of theart. 8.

Article 1
All prices are quoted in Swiss francs, VAT included. The prices indicated on the order confirmation are authentic, even in the event of an increase between the date of order and the date of delivery of the goods.

Article 2
The seller is not bound by any obligation before the buyer receives a confirmation email from the seller, sent to the email address indicated by the buyer in the order form.

The seller reserves the right to unilaterally and without explanation refuse an order, or to follow it only partially if it concerns several units.

Likewise, it reserves the right to unilaterally modify without notice the prices as well as any other conditions of sale.

Article 3
The shipment of the ordered products takes place within 3 working days following the sending of the confirmation message of the seller, by the means of postal transport and to the delivery address indicated by the buyer in the order form.

All risks pass to the buyer as soon as the goods are handed over to the Swiss Post.

Article 4
The total price of the order indicated on the form is understood to be shipping costs and taxes included.

Article 5
The buyer certifies that he is of legal age, has the right and authority to order the goods and that all the information provided is accurate.

Article 6
The warranty on all products we sell is limited to the exchange of the defective product only without any further liability in the event of physical or mechanical damage of any kind. No guarantee and no returns will be accepted without our favorable notice. Contact us by e-mail if necessary:

Article 7
All disputes that may arise from the interpretation, execution, non-performance, improper performance of the contract by the parties will be exclusively settled by the competent courts of the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland

Article 8
For all questions relating to this contract and its execution, Swiss law is exclusively applicable.